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Monday, June 26, 2017

PS4-1 Teaser Promotion Video Reveals New Note

The first moving-picture teaser of the upcoming PS4 Taiko no Tatsujin game is out this Sunday, and we're up for a field trip to pick up loose ends!
  • New Kozuchi (こづち/小槌) note is very obviously taken from Japanese folk tales including Issun-boushi. But mechanically it is similar if not exactly like a Fuusen balloon (it was a Fuusen at that location in Zen Zen Zense Futsuu, as seen on iOS)
  • The Mission Bingo (ミッションビンゴ) gives you additional Don Kobans for clearing goals and completing lines.
  • Listen to some hot drum beats at the back, from which is likely to be instrumentals and excerpts from Tsunagare! Hirogare! Uchi-agare!

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  1. I believe that the kozuchi note is the new Kusudama note, right?