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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Across Japan (June 30 2017): At Least There Is Ranking Dojo Gaiden: Yellow ver. Asia G/V 3.04 Update

And we just praised you for being up-to-date with Japan last week >:(

The update in Japan on July 5 2017 is not lucky enough to be 100% replicated. Only the Ranking Dojo Gaiden trials will be making Same day as Japan appearance, while the four day-one new licensed picks are absent as of now.

Ranking Dojo Gaiden: July 5 2017 (Yellow ver. Asia G/V 3.04)
+) 挑戦!世界大会2016決勝
   Challenge! World Championships 2016 Finals
+) 挑戦!世界大会2016 EX①
   Challenge! World Championships 2016 Extras (1)

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