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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. 6.07 New Songs

It's arcade update day once again! After the jump await all the brand new song inclusions.
Update (07/09/17): Added LQ video of FooFoo Cassette.

 Cirno's Perfect Math Class ⑨ Anniversary Edition (チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 ⑨周年バージョン) (3/4/5/9; 751 notes on Oni)
Teased since Yellow Version's launch, the 9th anniversary version of IOSYS's Touhou arrange cold classic has finally hit the public arcade scene! Being a newly-lyricised version of the original, it's reasonable to expect that many cluster segments in there tend to mimic the ones of the original song. That, however, doesn't stop the track from featuring extra flairs that span outside a revised notechart, such as absurdly high and low scrolling speed/BPM combos!

  Cirno's Perfect Math Class ⑨ Anniversary Edition (チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 ⑨周年バージョン) (10* Ura Oni with 909 notes)
The same "Like the original, but add more!" notechart formula of the song's regular 4-mode set is also applied to the Ura Oni difficulty, bearing more note-dense cluster formations as well as the most recent unbreakable hit-balloon in Taiko notecharts talk, bearing as much hits to be cleared as the Ura Oni itself's number of notes.

 Ganzo! Genius Cirno-Chan☆ (元祖!天才チルノちゃん☆) (4/6/6/9; 859 notes on Oni)
The same music track from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil that is used as the model for both versions of Cirno's Perfect Math Class is also the source of this never-heard-before arrangement, which on Taiko notechart talk fares as another stamina-drainer challenge, with slight tempo changes before the song's pivotal portions and odd-numbered note clusters a-plenty!

 WARNINGxWARNINGxWARNING (2/4/5/9; 756 notes on Oni)
While not being as difficult as dodging sudden side lasers with a spoonful of random stars, Akatsuki Records' popular theme arrangement of yet another fairy in Touhou lore fares in Taiko terms as a straightforward 1/16 cluster challenge that doesn't shy too far from the former 9* Oni chart trends of former Taiko generations.

 Futari no Kessho -INNOCENCE- (二人の結晶-INNOCENCE-) (3/4/4/8; 581 notes on Oni)
The last Touhou-y track of the day is another one of those that comes from Team Shanghai Alice's musical albums, rather than the actual games. Lots of repeating note formations and a charting style that is more akin to the Taiko games' Anime genre are the distinctive flairs of this Variety addition.

  Futari no Kessho -INNOCENCE- (二人の結晶-INNOCENCE-) (7* Ura Oni with 554 notes)
Much like with other recent Ura Oni tracks like Aozora no Rhapsody, the Ura Oni's charting direction for this song follows more the instrumental base rather than the vocals, which made in turn the addition of another Oni track that actually bears a lower star rating than its regular counterpart.

Plus, it turned out that this is also the latest Sou-Uchi-styled notechart to appear, with the custom 2P charts (video still unavailable) reaching 553 notes.

 FooFoo Cassette (FooFoo カセット) (4/6/6/9; 810 notes on Oni)
Away from Bullet Hell Avenue, we're greeted with Harunaba's latest song in Taiko, sporting a notechart approach not that much dissimilar from the previews Reawrds Shop lineup's Geki-un! Shichifuku Happy Crew and marking the arcade return of the still-patented trippy barlines!

 R.I. (5/7/8/10; 925 notes on Oni)
The latest song to come out from the INSPION talents, R.I. places itself as the middle road between high-base BPM tracks and note density, for a guitar piece that still constitutes a challenge for trainee hand-switchers while not necessarily having the aggressive average speed of relentless tracks like Infinite Rebellion.

 HARDCORE no Kokoroe (HARDCOREノ心得) (5/7/8/10; 885 notes on Oni)
Last in line for today is the Taiko debut of Dj Myosuke from the HARDCORE TANO*C label, whose launch song is also featured in Yellow Version's Meijin Dojo Ranking! Lots of manual BPM changes and scrolling speed trickery are in motion during HARDCORE no Kokoroe, alongside a modern mixture of different cluster spacing combinations for good measure.

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